Ladies, are you looking for the One?

Well... Men Are Simple.


Have you ever wondered why your search for real love has been so difficult at times, and or why it can be so challenging to be happy and successful in the relationship with your existing partner? If this is you, I want to share tips from a male’s perspective in my book, Men Are Simple: What Women Should Know Before Dating and Marriage, of ways that you can become more intentional and successful in finding love and creating joyful, committed relationships.

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Most women, if not all of them want to find Mr. Right during the dating process, and if they believe that they’ve already found him, they want to experience continual satisfaction and joy within that relationship. Let’s face it, we all want to find love, fall in love and stay in love at some point in our lives. However, something that was originally created to be so wonderful for us, can sometimes turn out to be painfully frustrating and unattainable in our pursuit of happiness.

From a male’s point of view, I’ve seen how daunting this can be for women. I’ve seen how frustrating, disappointing, confusing and exhausting it can be for them. I’ve watched some of them invest their very best into pursuing, obtaining and sustaining the right relationships, only to still feel that the men in their lives are not stepping up to the plate and reciprocating in the same fashion. I’ve heard women asks themselves things like “What will it take to get him to love me the way that I deserve to be loved, or, why are men so difficult to understand?” I’ve heard it all! Women, I want you to know that “Men are Simple!” I want you to understand that love, joy, happiness and success in a relationship is totally possible and attainable. You can, and deserve to experience true love that can end with you not only finding the right one, but experiencing an overwhelming amount of satisfaction and happiness from that perfect companion!


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The book Men Are Simple: What Women Should Know Before Dating and Marriage, was written with each of you in mind. If you are at a place where you feel that you’ve done everything possible to find Mr. Right, and or nurture your existing relationship with no success, I want to give you hope. I want you to know that we are all not as difficult to understand, and attract as some women may perceive. I want to offer you tips and guidance that will increase your odds of enjoying the entire process of dating, and succeeding in your current relationships. By understanding how we think and knowing what signs to look for, you will have a greater chance of experiencing the love that you have always dreamed of. Am I telling you that meeting, dating and sustaining a healthy relationship is guaranteed for everyone? No, I’m not. While there is no tools or formulas that will guarantee that you will find the right man or that every relationship that you enter will be a happy and successful one, my hope is that this book will increase your chances of finding and or sustaining a happy and healthy relationship. Because after all, love is what makes life worth living! It’s what empowers us to become and give our very best to others! Love conquers all! It’s what gives us the confidence, affirmation and validation that we desire from others! It is my intention that as you consider and engage in following the tips in this book, that it will help lead you to relationship happiness within your life!


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For those who are not able to attend the Book Release Party on July 21, 2018, your book or e-book order will be sent out via regular mail or email on July 23, 2018.


  • End any painful patterns where you’re feeling unappreciated, heartbroken, undervalued, alone and or lonely.

  • Work through any troubling relationship setbacks before beginning to create the love that you want to attract.

  • Invest in implementing self-care into your daily regimen. Know who you are before expecting someone else to learn this about you.

  • Learn to understand and fall in love with yourself before expecting to attract Mr. Right into your life.

  • Become more self-confident, empowered, content and happy with yourself.

  • Date with a purpose. Be intentional about the kind of person that you will welcome into your space. Be careful to focus more on who he is from the inside out, and not just based on his outward appearance.

  • Whether you are dating or already in a relationship, always leave space and opportunity to get to know the person. If you are intentional about knowing their likes and dislikes, the relationship is more likely to excel and succeed.

Please Note:

For those who are not able to attend the Book Release Party on July 21, 2018, your book or e-book order will be sent out via regular mail or email on July 23, 2018.

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