About Sam Mac Ford

My name is Sam Mac Ford and it’s my hope to make a positive impact on your life through my writing. I’m an entrepreneur, party promoter, travel agent, owner of Champions Home Care, husband and father. I’m also the founder of 30 and Up Entertainment and Sam Mac Entertainment. I have a heart for bringing people together in hopes of creating an upscale platform, for our members to make purposeful and valuable social connections amongst each other. With a heart to serve and be a blessing to others, it’s my desire to provide memorable events, as well as give back to those that are less fortunate through our donations and community service.

I’ve always seen myself as just a guy with an opinion. A guy that just wanted to share his experiences with the hopes of helping someone else along the way. I am a flawed man that has experienced divorce, and as a direct result of it, regretfully saw first-hand the toll that it took on my relationship with my oldest daughter. I was a man who was married to his work and was not ready to settle into a committed relationship. However, after finding myself as an unexpected father, the next steps for me were marriage, and then divorce in less than two years. Ladies, this is the man that you should avoid, a man like I was! I’ve seen a lot of women experience heart break because of simply making the choice to commit herself to the wrong man, a man like I was.

Today, I’m happy and thankful for constant growth and change in my life. Through my writing, it’s my purpose to help women to recognize the red flags and negative signs early on. I believe that if women are willing to be honest with themselves and acknowledge the signs on the wall, it may prevent them from experiencing unnecessary anguish and heartache down the line. It’s my desire to encourage women to believe in themselves and understand that they deserve, and can have the very best in their pursuit for a happy relationship, without settling. I believe that the heart of a woman is the key to the joy of the world. In the end, I want women to select a man that has the capacity and ability to enhance her life and be a blessing to her family.

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